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Qsymia – The Prescription Weight Loss Drug

Over the last few decades there have been quite a few dietary supplements and weight loss prescription medications available for people who struggle with weight loss. One of the more widely prescribed medications out there that has been proven in clinical studies to help people achieve better weight loss results is Qsymia. In 2012, the prescription drug Qsymia was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration for use with the general public. Qsymia uses two primary weight loss drugs known as Phentermine and Topiramate as it’s active components. During the trial study this drug showed reasonable success in test groups. In fact, those who took the drug were shown to experience modest weight loss over the other group who did not get the test drug Qsymia administered to them. In addition to weight loss, people who took prescription strength Qsymia also were able to see improvement in their overall health in a few areas including their blood sugar levels which has been shown to effect risk for diabetes. Additionally, Qsymia users also showed a reduction in blood pressure and showed healthier cholesterol levels. Or you can buy Phentermine 30mg online as an alternative.


Side Effects of Qsymia

There have been some side effects noted for Qsymia users that were discovered when drug trials that were done. Most of these side effects were mild and involved tingling sensations, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia and altered taste bud reactions also known as dysgeusia and constipation. Other more serious side effects included potential increased heart rates, suicidal behaviors, increased glaucoma, as well as mood and sleep disorders, creatine elevation, and metabolic acidosis.

It should be noted that science and research has shown that is recommended even for those people who achieve weight loss through use of medications, a change in dietary lifestyle and exercise should always play a part in their long-term weight management. Most doctors, physicians and dietitians recommend that weight loss be maintained with a lifestyle change to help their body’s metabolism. Doing this will ensure that once the supplements are no longer taken, weight gain will not readily return a person to their pre-diet weight. Often one of the biggest problems with people who struggle with weight loss is the constant fluctuation in a person’s weight as they can often fluctuate from weight gain to weight loss and back to weight gain which can cause undue stress on a person both physically and emotionally. That is why healthy dietary changes should always be a part of any weight loss plan.


Obesity and excess weight are widely known to be a significant problem in America. This in part is due to the large amounts of processed food and fast food that are so much a part of the lifestyles that many Americans live. In addition, as more and more people have become involved in the world of technology with the expansion of the Internet, wide screen flat televisions for home use and video games, fewer people are spending as much time outside getting the exercise that once was more of a normal part of everyday life.

However, on a good note Americans are getting more health conscious in the last several decades. Through research into Americans greatest health concerns has risen, the medical community has led the way to a greater understanding of health and dietary connections. In fact, for the last 75 years, weight loss concerns have been addressed more readily in the public eye as doctors and researchers have confirmed that obesity leads to a great deal of health problems, especially for those people who carry a significant amount of weight over longer periods of time. Because of this, more people who are overweight today are more concerned with trying to lose weight. Through the media more people today know that weight loss is not just a goal focused on changing a person’s appearance. As the medical community and the media have expanded their goals of reaching more Americans to live a healthier life, the mindset about dieting has changed. Weight loss today is about achieving not just a better physical appearance but a better overall health. In general, the medical profession has acknowledged that diet and exercise are the most widely accepted forms of achieving sustained weight loss. However, for some people increasing their metabolic rate is an essential part of helping them achieve their weight loss goals and it cannot be readily achieved without some type of outside medicine.